Took the GMAT yesterday

Took the GMAT yesterday.

Not so good. My unofficial score was 460. 170 in math (17 out of 39 questions correct), and 350 in verbal (35 out of 41 questions correct). The 2 essays have not been scored yet, so I assume my score will go up some. Not sure how much though. I expect that the combined score from the 2 essays should put me over 500. The highest I can get on the essays combined is (if I understand their scoring correctly) 120, which would give me 580. 600 is the minimum requirement for the University of Oregon (UO), so I would still be off the mark.

Should I take the GMAT again? I think my score will go up some based on less test anxiety. But I have never been good at math. I really do try, but my brain just doesn’t get it. I completely get it when someone shows me how to do it, (yes I even get calculus which I always found easier than geometry) but when I go to do it myself (even mere seconds later) it doesn’t gel.

The UO recently cut the amount of admitted students from around 100 to 65 in order to increase their standings for average admitted GAMT score. I don’t think my score will be helpful to them. Is the GMAT the end-all, or will having the other parts of my app help? My total GPA in undergrad was only 3.0 (but it was near 3.7 in my last 2.5 years, with 3 semester’s honors). The 3.0 is thanks to a 1.8 (which strangely is still a D) from Southern Oregon State College during my stint there from 1992-1993.

I feel bad for not doing well on the test. I don’t feel my score defines me, or my ability to succeed. However, it does define me in the eyes of the admissions committee.