Okay. It’s not being wishy-washy.

Okay. It’s not being wishy-washy.

Forget the MBA. Forget the MS. For now. For a couple of years now Claire has been talking about going back to school. Recently, her interest gelled in Physics. And really, it does make more sense for her to go back to school, rather than me. The bad part is that we won’t be leaving Illinois anytime soon. It’s just a lot cheaper to go to school here. And I have a job that I won’t lose anytime soon. Unless that was just prophetic irony.

So, now we start down the path of getting Sagan in Day Care for next fall. She’ll be at a good age: 2.66. Claire will work on getting all the crappy administrative stuff together for school. Physics with a minor in Philosophy. I will continue to plug away at my job. Maybe start to look for something else within the company. And we should probably buy a house.

The debt-to-income ratio is very good for us. But the bankruptcy, and our general credit doesn’t help. We found a good house that suits us well. Just enough fix-up stuff to make it worthwhile, but it’s also pretty big. And needs a paint job on the outside next year. The MLS# is 2022096.

So, while we seemed to have made this decision quickly, it’s actually been coming for a while. Claire has been “following” me around doing my stuff for a while. Now it’s time for her to do something for herself.

Plus if she can get a mondo-good job, I can stay home and be a house-husband. Ah, bliss.