Well, if we go with

Well, if we go with this FHA loan, a decorating allowance is not an option. FHA rules are very strict apparently. So we offered 95. She countered with 97,5 which was the initial asking price when we first looked at the house. That’s okay. In our purchase agreement, the seller will be responsible for up to 6000$ in costs for painting. And we get the portable storage unit that is on the driveway under the carport. A real win there!

So the inspections for house and radon are on the 11th. The FHA appraiser (separate from the home inspector, and not at our cost) will look for lead and the seller will have a termite inspection. If all goes well we should be closing on or before Dec 15th. Painting probably won’t happen until the spring, depending on the weather.

Right now the purchase agreement is with the lawyer (another 200$ from us) to be drawn into a real contract. We won’t have to pay our first mortgage payment until February 1st. So that will help with the month of January. I’ll give notice on our apartment for move our by the end of December. So we should have at least 2 weeks to move. Which is good because it means we can do it ourselves, easily. I’ll be off the last week of December.