Movin’ in

Movin’ in.

Still have stuff at the old place. Clothing. Kitchen stuff. VCR. New place is coming together somewhat. It needs so much cleaning. It was so dirty when we started moving in! The first day was nothing but cleaning and moving over the furniture and appliances. So dirty! But the good thing is that dirt can be cleaned.

The moving of furniture was interesting. Easy out, but not easy in. Mostly because of the appliances. I asked the previous owners if they had a problem getting their washer/dryer into the basement. Not a problem they assured me. I looked at the size of theirs and they were the same as ours. But apparently what constitutes ‘no problem’ is taking the molding off the doorway to the basement, taking off the door to the outside, and lifting the appliance over a piece of tile that sticks out just enough to not allow an appliance dolly to go safely down the basement stairs. And I can tell they did it because on the back of each piece of wood was written the location of which part of the doorway the wood came from.

We started painting Sagan’s room yesterday. Cleaned the walls, put on the primer. But we will leave it for a few days and focus on finishing the move. Neither of us like living in two places. This weekend I hope to finish painting the room and install a new water heater.

The furnace guy is coming today. I found a service sticker on the furnace that was dated October 1986. Hopefully it will just need servicing. Though I would like to install something more modern, and smaller. The damn thing is huge!

Claire bought a wallpaper steamer. Since there is wallpaper in every room (except Sagan’s) the cost of buying it and using it whenever we want is nothing compared to the cost/hassle of renting. And it was only 50$.

Sagan has been pretty moody lately. I understand. A lot of changes. Plus we really don’t follow a routine in our house. We are going to try to do this because it will be important to have one when Claire goes back to school next fall. Plus it will help us.

Sagan’s bday is in 3 days. Woo! My daughter (who I have thought of as a 2-year-old for about 4 months) is going to be 2.