Spent 5 hours at work

Spent 5 hours at work today. Good thing I still get paid OT. Got a lot done actually. Good thing too, since I have to design and usability something this week! One week! And I haven’t really looked at the requirements yet.

I think it is only a coupe of screens, but still. Hope they aren’t expecting something wonderful. Probably just have to do paper prototype too. Sigh.

That’s cool. Not every project can be full UCD. Sometimes it just has to be built.

Claire and Sagan went swimming while I worked. They had fun. Sagan likes swimming. Oh, I put new pics up on her site. Link to the right.

Other than that I am really looking forward to ripping this 70s-style fake wood panneling from the walls of the office. The room will feel so much bigger!

tres tired. bed now.