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— 14 January 2003 —

House warming

House warming is on the 25th now. Sorry to those who bought plane tickets, but wanted to surprise us by showing up. :P

We did get our deposit back. A little more than we needed to buy Sagan’s bed. Which, according to the warraty, should last until she is 14. Let’s just hope the company doesn’t go out of business.

I just realized after looking back over a number of posts that I have a lot of typos. My apologies. But I won’t fix them.

Two days until the 6th wedding anniversary. We have Auntie Dawn babysitting so Cliare and I can go on a date to a movie. LOTR, since we haven’t seen it.

Oh, and Ron Zeno has similar views on usability. Seems like a nice guy, too.

And finally, I haven’t been so busy at work as I am now in ages. Good thing I still get paid for OT. The amount of OT I get on the next pay check should take care of our mortgage payment. Crazy busy. Baby.

Oh, and I love Sagan. When her bed is delivered tomorrow, her room will be complete!

Anybody need any writing done? Creative or otherwise?

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