Too much information running through

Too much information running through my brain.

UI specs suck. I am realizing more and more that I hate doing documentation. Actually the initial creation of specs is not a problem, it’s just keeping up with the changes that seem to happen all the way through testing. Bleh.

Quote from Steve Fadden (funny guy! (said in the tone Raul Julia used in Moon Over Parador)), in response to my saying that I design UI because I can’t get paid to write poetry: “Maybe they just don’t understand that what you do is poetry.” Aw, shucks, ma’am.

Took the car in. The new battery will cost 111$!. This is what I get for getting a pre-2000 VW. I heard that they did a lot of enginerring so that you needed to service your car with VW parts and fluids. Could be a lie, but honestly with only one car I can’t take the chance. Sad, but true.

One more day.