Oy. 01Jan2003.

Oy. 01Jan2003.

We are finally out of the apartment. It is very clean now. It is nice to have it over and done with (except for Claire’s planters). Hopefully we can get our deposit back. It will buy us a new fridge.

Nice also to only live, physically and mentally, in one place. We spent most of the day futzing around. Claire and I took turns painting Sagan’s room. Sagan is really a pian lately. Though that may be because she has some unknown virus (maybe) that has evidenced itself through a skin rash. The doctor says, “It’s probably something mild. This happens in winter.” Whatever.

Now all we have to do is find places for everything. We do have more room now, but it is all scrunched becuase there’s nothing in Sagan’s room or the attic. So it’s just a bunch of crap everywhere.

Guess that’s all for now. I just have to finish my application to grad school. Now that we are moved I can concentrate on that. Oh yeah, and work.

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