Without going too deep into

Without going too deep into why D&D has affected my life so much, let me just say I hope I roll a 30 in the next 2 weeks. Some how I keep ending up in these situations where I have 2 weeks to design something. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was only working on one thing at a time, but I am usually on at least 3 projects at a time.

The positive side is that this time I was actually involved in the requirements analysis. The down side is that I think there is more to the application than I can design in 2 weeks. I know I can come up with the designs for the new functionality, but since I talked the PM into redesigning the whole application on top of doing the new functionality, it would be good to have that done too. Bleh.

Too much to do. Have to finish my performance review documentation. Talk about all the accomplishments I had based on the goals I set this time last year. Have to figure out what a new project is doing. Have to follow up with the project I got a couple of weeks ago which was another “you have 2 weeks” project. That project I didn’t have the familiarity with the requirements that I have on the current one. So perhaps that bodes well. Of course I could get caught up in thinking about it too much, where I didn’t have that option on the last project.

That’s right! I also have to work on my homework for the class I am in at work. Huzzah. I think I am finally being pushed into an area that is making me realize I am just not as smart as I thought I was. Meh. Guess I’ll just have to get smarter. Quickly.

Hey, look at this today and smile.