— 12 March 2003 —

Why America’s government cracks me

Why America’s government cracks me up. This is an article from the Associated Press:


WASHINGTON — Show the flag and pass the ketchup was the order of the day in House cafeterias Tuesday. Lawmakers struck a lunchtime blow against the French and put “freedom fries” on the menu.
And for breakfast they will now have “freedom toast.”
The name changes follow similar actions by restaurants around the country protesting French opposition to the administration’s Iraq war plans.
“Update. Now Serving in All House Office Buildings, ‘Freedom Fries,’ ” read a sign that Republican Reps. Bob Ney of Ohio and Walter Jones of North Carolina placed at the register in the Longworth Office Building food court.
Jones said he was inspired by Cubbie’s restaurant in Beaufort, N.C., in his district, one of the first to put “freedom fries” on the menu instead of french fries.
Ney, whose panel oversees House operations, ordered the menu changes.
Officials at the French Embassy pointed out that french fries actually come from Belgium.
“We are at a very serious moment dealing with very serious issues and we are not focusing on the name you give to potatoes,” said Nathalie Loisau, an embassy spokeswoman.

The people who do this kind of stuff are stupid, whinney babies. “I’ll show you, I’ll rename something that you made. Even if you didn’t make it.” Go “Freedon Dressing.” Can we get a law passed that schools have to teach the “Freedom” language? Oh, wait. That might backfire. Because if you replace “Freedom” for “French” and everyone knows you did that, then they might associate the French with the idea of Freedom. And doesn’t America have the trademark on freedom? Well, maybe “freedumb.”

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