I’ll just post as the

I’ll just post as the class goes to each break. Easier that way.

Talking now about usability’s Return on Investment (ROI). One study from Stephanie Rosenbaum presented at UPA 2002. and a link to a site that tracks ROI postings on the Web.

Now on to the IUSR project from NIST. Also talking about the use of the Common INdustry Format for usability reporting. Much of this is based on ISO standards (specifically ISO 9241). Here’s a site that is very descriptive about ergonomic standards.

Now talking about Card Sorting for the usability.gov, of which Dr. Bailey is a contributor. They created a program to randomize 20 decks of cards (each deck has 187 cards). The participants put those cards in order and category which they thought was logical. Pretty typical card sorting, but I would like to see the tool they created as the one IBM offers for free is not exactly user friendly (even though it helps with computing the data you gather from the card sort). But then Bailey says that they used the IBM tool to create a cluster analysis.