I have been reading quite

I have been reading quite a few blogs and commercial news sites over the last few days. On the blogs, everyone seems depressed. Now, I realize that I initially linked to a somewhat (okay very) liberal blog, which then led me to other liberal blogs. Generally speaking I would say that liberals oppose war. Generally speaking. I would like to see some conservative blogs; see how they are “taking” the war. Maybe the Pope has a blog. I’d consider him a conservative. Oh wait. He opposes the war. So what’s up with all those Catholics? There’s a lot of them. Why do many support the war?

I was reading skimble tonight. He(?) has a link to a site that shows some graphic photos from the victims of the war. Military and civilian. One of the kids looks kinda like Sagan. Not realy, but she has those little teeth with big gaps between each tooth. I don’t want to link directly to the photos, because they are disgusting. And that’s not the only thing that disgusts me. Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfeld… your revenge-lust is not just.

Sadly, none of these warmongers will ever face any sort of punishment for their crimes. The commercial news outlets do not want to cover news. They regurgitate what the government lets them. In a lot of ways this country is a constitutional monarchy. The only difference is that the national leaders aren’t (usually) related to previous leaders. They just all went to the same schools. Their families summer together. Most Americans look the other way when it comes to our government. That would be me, too.

I have mentioned before how difficult it was to get involved in local politics. I think the system is set up so that only those with connections or a great amount of ambition to get connections can be “in” the system. I feel out-of-control when it comes to my involvement in this country. I think “they” want it that way.

Actually, I just looked through my archives. I never posted how difficult it was to get into local politics. I really thought I did. So, the following is the back and forth I had with the editorial page editor:

Apparently, not only do the requirements vary, but no office seems to know all of the open positions. Whether it is by city, county, or state. I think this is strange. Your editorial said, “consider getting involved in this important public service,” but the process is so cumbersome (and seemingly still set up in the “it’s who you know” manner) that I am not surprised at the small amount of involvement.

I don’t think I’ll make the deadline on Tuesday, because I cannot find out what is available for me in which to participate. Someone at the Bloomington library took my name and address (but not phone number or email address) to “pass along to the mayor and tell her of your interest.”

Maybe it’s a good thing. Allowing the general populace to demonstrate civil responsibility might muck things up for those currently in charge.

Thanks, though, for your initial follow up.