Well, not so groovy news.

Well, not so groovy news. I didn’t get into UIUC’s LIS Program. I don’t have the denial letter with me right now (I am at work on the weekend again!) but I will post it tonight or tomorrow.

I don’t think I realized how much I wanted to go back to school until Claire put the envelope in my hands. It was too thin for a acceptance letter. I said, “Well, crap.”


Now I am looking to go to ISU as a Student-at-Large to begin with and work toward a Masters there. I might reapply at UIUC next year. Not sure. It’s too late to officially aply to ISU as a Masters student. So Student-at-Large it is. My friend Dawn did that last year. She works a few cubes down from me. She even got permission from our boss to take a day class. She still did the 40-50 week, but every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30-2:30 she was in class. I will see if I can do that too.

Here are the majors that are of varying interest to me (in alpha order). I opened it up to general interests as I am not sure I want to stay with Information Science/HCI stuff. I may still but I want to start with many options.

Art, School of
Arts Technology
Politics and Government
Theatre, School of