Yikes. usabilityworks.org runs out in

Yikes. usabilityworks.org runs out in 12 days. I’d better renew. I’ll do it tomorrow. Gotta have money first.

Speaking of money, I think I will be buying some music from Apple this weekend. Excellent conversation on the pros and cons of the interface and the service at Signal vs Noise. I bought one song the day iTunes 4 premiered. Bob Dylan. Very cool. I also see that they have some Cibo Matto, which I am listening to as I type. I only have the Stereo Type A album, but iTunes Store has songs from another album, too. Not all of then, but I think I may get most of what is available.

I also want to get one of these and this to replace my “boom” box I bought in Ahsland, Oregon in September of 1992. Back when I would have said, “MP3 what?”

Wow, back when there was no Web.

Anyhoo. If for some strange reason you feel like donating to the cause of iPod…