— 6 May 2003 —

Going to Susan’s graduation in

Going to Susan’s graduation in June. I’ll be in Seattle on June 12-13, then to Eugene/Corvallis June 13-15, then back home at 12:55 am on June 16 (really the night of the 15th). Quick trip, but worth it. Susan’s been working on this PharmD. for a long time now and will soon be able to dole out drugs to anyone who manages to forge a perscription. Did I say forge? :P

I think I will go to a ball game the night of the 12th. Seattle vs. Montreal. Hopefully I will be able to see Megan and Kirstie.

On another note, I think I will not be going back to school until Claire is done with her school. That will be 5-7 years. She has waited a long time, both because I was going first and then because she didn’t know what she wanted to do. Now she knows: Physics/Engineering. I think I will still take a few classes here and there. One in particular that Dawn took last year in the Arts Technology department.

So yeah, a lot of changes over the past year. Heck! A lot of changes over the past 5 years. In May of 1998 we were living in Alaska, I had just finished my degree, and weren’t sure what we were going to do next. Definitely didn’t have a baby, nor any desire to have one. I was working at L’aroma, and Claire was working at a greenhouse. We had multiple roommates in a house that we couldn’t afford to rent on our own. Never even thought about Illinois, other than to watch the Cubs on TV.

Crazy man. Now that school is somewhat out of the picture I suppose I should start posting on one of the other topics listed in the meta tag of this site. Coffee!

And how are you?

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