37Signals is hiring. On many

37Signals is hiring. On many levels I wish I could apply for the position. But, herein lies the problem. They want to see examples of current work. And who wouldn’t. But I can’t show anything I have designed as it is all proprietary. This is one thing that sucks about working here. I am getting great project experience. Great design experience. Great usability experience. I get to research (some, not as much as I would like). I get constant updates to my training. Okay, why do I want to leave here?

Mostly because creative solutions are balked at too often here. Even when I show how things might work it’s, “Well, the other area did this so we want to do it that way too.” I am all about consistency, but consistently bad? No thanks.

Anyway. I’ll just try to make the best of the sitch.

On a related note. A small (yet talented) design/usability company is hiring. Perhaps the economic storm is passing?