Woo. 32 years and 1

Woo. 32 years and 1 day. Someone at work asked if I was hitting the big 2-5. Um, I don’t think I look that young. They were very suprised when I said 32. “I guess it’s because I act like a child.”

Ah, and a new foible with my Web site. I cannot FTP files. So the only updates that are being made are this blog. For som reason the app I use for FTP (RBrowserLite) can connect to Verizon, but not display any files. I tried fetch too. I know the files are still there, but I have no access. And I have long forgotten how to access through a command line processor. I am able to log in through Apple’s Terminal app, and do a dir command, but I can’t remember how to do the ftp.

Ugh. And Verizon says that the Web site is a free feature through my DSL, so they don’t offer support for any of it. Only that their engineers are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. @whee.