Brief explanation. I have (possibly)

Brief explanation.

I have (possibly) overused the “Patent pending. Patent pending. Patent pending,” gag in recent posts.

This line actually comes from Simpsons epsiode CABF05 in which Homer “invents” the Spine-O-Cylinder. (Homer: “Not trash can, son — Dr. Homer’s Miracle Spine-O-Cylinder! [protectively] Patent pending.”)

I have no idea how to navigate the elliptical process of trademarking, registering, patenting, or otherwise stating the right for use of something I create, let alone the energy to do it.

So, simply put: Patent pending.

I guess it is copyrighted here, but that’s about as good as mailing yourself something so you can prove it existed on a certain date. Which is actually a pretty cheap way to copyright something. Don’t know if it would really “stand up in court,” but it could be used as evidence that you are too lazy and poor to afford a lawyer in the first place.

Yup. It’s Friday, and a nice day out, and I am at work. Really must finish designing the search results screens.