— 4 June 2003 —

Tony Knowles (aka The Tone)

Tony Knowles (aka The Tone) begins (most likely) the arduous process of becoming a US Senator.

This is a very good thing. But, as the article states, and as we all know, he is going to need a lot of help from Outside. Alaska is a very conservative state. But Knowles was mayor of the largest city in the state, and a two-term governor. He is well known in both urban and (importantly) rural Alaska.

It will be a tough battle for the seat, but with a lot of help in money and time he can win it. S. Murkowski is a talking head of sorts. She’s never held a statewide office, and G. Murkowski (her father) gave her the job. She’s already got a lot of money for Alaska industries, but most of it has been with the hand-holding of “Senator-for-life” Ted Stevens. And Stevens and Don Young are rather powerful. They may be able to get S. Murkowski to hold the seat. But she won’t be able to do it without them.

So, Tony, get your Web site going. Get your Meetup on.

Here is some info on The Tone, via issues2000.org. The info is slightly outdated, but I assume most of it is still valid. Also, here’s a brief bio.

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