Here’s one for ya. Do

Here’s one for ya. Do you sell on ebay? Do you browse the Web using Safari? When using Safari, do you set it to block pop up windows?

Me too. (Yes, I know very few people actually use Safari.)

So I was trying to list my Mariners ticket on ebay and I was using Safari. I made it all the way through to the 3rd step (pictures and details) when I tell ebay to go ahead an upload my image.

And then I am navigated to the ebay homepage. Huh? I tried again. Same problem. And again. And again. And, yes, again.

Then I opened IE and did it all again. What fun! When I told ebay to upload my image, I realized the problem. Ebay uses a pop up window to give you feedback that the image is uploading (though I have user expectation issues with the text on that page as well).

So when ebay tried to pop it up, Safari said, no. An ebay couldn’t figure out what to do so it took me to it’s homepage.

Not being the average user, I should have realized what was happening. However, I shouldn’t have to realize what was happening. The feedback from ebay should be in the primary page. If there is a problem, tell me and return me to the Pictures and Details page. The end result of a successful upload is that I am navigated to step four anyway.

But even worse when I am sent packing to the homepage with no reason why.

More browsers will come with blocking pop up windows built in. Software is already out that does this. Ebay, please make this change.