— 1 December 2003 —

Good Customer Service, Parte ye Seconde

As of this writing, 32 out of the last 100 hits on my Web site have been through search engines that were searching for “good customer service” or some variant.

This is not a high traffic site. It averages about 17 hits a day. But for some reason, through the strange and beautiful reasoning of the search engine algorhythm (sic) gods, my site comes up in the top 5 hits for searching on “good customer service.”

Here’s my question. Why? I realize my recent post on customer service has something (okay everything) to do with it, but I wonder, what the people at the initiating end of the search are finding? What are they even looking for? Why would army.mil and peace.com be interested in good customer service (on the same day even)?


1. There is a general lack of good customer service in the world (hits range the spectrum of countries).
2. People want to know how to give good customer service.
3. I don’t have a “3” right now.


Let me, and the other 17 people who visit here, know why and how you ended up here. Drop a line via the comments link below.

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