— 17 December 2003 —

Becoming a Full-Fledged Dot Org

Has anyone out there every created a non-profit, or not-for-profit organization? I need some help. Information, assistance (legal and otherwise), and ideas would help a lot.

I want my dot org to be a real dot org. That has always been my intent, but discussions on textbased.com of late have spurred my interest again. I want usabilityworks.org to be a site where people can get information, training, support and even design help in exchange for tax-deductible donations. I also see industry leaders offering their services through usabilityworks.org. They could tax-deduct their time, and you could tax-deduct you entrance fee into the classes.

I really want to create a learning environment here. Socratic method with rock sitting and everything. But first I need to make it legal and I have no idea how to do that. Well, I have some idea from the reading I have done so far, but help is always nice and appreciated.

Let me know what you think of the idea, or if you have any help to offer.

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