Plan du jour

It’s funny how ideas come unbidden. This blog, and subsequently the following idea, all were catalyzed last Friday.

My proposal to the expatriots expatriates out there is this: a book of essays on Life Outside. I can edit the book, and contribute as well, but I need your help to add good content. I see it as a book of creative non-fiction (or fictionalized truth) told in many stories under the common theme of no longer living in Alaska, and what the means to us.

Interested? This blog can be used as a collaboration site, a proving ground for material, and as a way to focus us all on the task at hand. This book could also reference this site (and vice versa of course) so that content development could continue beyond publication.

I have some contacts in the book world that we could try. I am willing to do all the legwork necessary to make the book happen, except of course for the content you would deliver. Not everyone needs to be a great writer, or even a good writer. We just need to start with good stories and go from there.

I have some topic ideas, but would also love to hear what you come up with.