— 9 January 2004 —

Redesign Time

Time to redesign this place. It’s been almost 6 months on TypePad. ‘Tis a nice enough place, but I think I should go ahead and take advantage of the fact that I recently stepped up to the Pro level and now have total access to how things “look & feel.”

However, I have a problem: I am too busy. I have a couple of ideas, but I just don’t have the time to follow through. Working on 3 books, a magazine, regular work and all the trials and tribulations of home life have me spread thin.

So I’d like to run a little contest… Come up with a design for all of the pages on usabilityworks.org. Main page, archives, and the “about me” page. They can all have the same design, or all be different. I’d like to get at least 10 submissions, and then I will choose the top 3.

I will then open up the top 3 to voting by those who visit the site. No names will be attached to the designs during voting. Going on Norman‘s new meme: it’s all about how you feel. Though to be honest I expect that you will take the opportunity to do more than just paint pretty pictures. This is an opportunity to collect requirements, consider design options based on human-computer interaction research, and make the customer happy.:)

The top winner will get to implement his/her design. But wait, there’s more!

Not only will you get the opportunity to slog through code (preferably XHTML and CSS along with the TypePad code), but you will also get:

  1. A link titled “Designed by [your name]” which will navigate people to your site.
  2. My heartfelt thanks.
  3. A copy of any usability-related book (your choice) valued up to 50$ US (shipped via Amazon.com).
  4. Did I mention heartfelt thanks?
  5. Something to add to your portfolio that shows “I made this!” (apologies to that kid at the end of X-Files).
  6. …and maybe something else if I feel like it.

So, whatcha think? Let me know via the comments or email me.

Yes, this is just a cheap attempt to get someone to do stuff for me. So there. The rules may change some if I get pertinent feedback through questions from all’y’all’s, but, as they say before the duel, lay on!

The contest starts… now. And ends… 30 January 2004. That’s when I will pick the top 3, and we’ll see from there.

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