Game Design/Design for Kids

I’ve been meaning to post this site for a while. My daughter loves it and I find it much less annoying over time than Nick Jr., and PBS Kids.

The main site is a launching point for multiple inner sites, but we frequent the zero to 6 age range site of Boowa and Kwala. If the link doesn’t go directly, click under the “UptoTen Kids – 2 Options” heading to play online.

Over all I think it is a very well designed site. From a technological aspect as well as a learning and development aspect. The navigation could use some help, but when you spend as much time in the site as we do, you learn it quickly. Not sure how many of you have kids, or are interested in designing for kids. I think it is a neat area, but it just can’t beat insurance and financial services… (yes that was your sarcasm detector going off).

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