Redesign Time – Parte Deux

I just wanted to say thanks to the 6 and counting people/teams who have taken the challenge to redesign this site.

I wanted to add a thought for you all: look at this as an opportunity to turn your experience into a white paper/case study. I think it would be interesting if everyone did this and we could collect the experiences into a couple of posts taking about redesign, requirements gathering, CSS, or whatever.

Just a thought.

Also, if I get more than 10 entrants I will offer prizes to the top 3 winners (cascading down in dollar amount:), not just the top winner as stated below.

This is fun!

2 replies on “Redesign Time – Parte Deux”

  1. Oh baby I’m psyched!

    Four more days till the deadline, and I think my design looks okay. I’m sitting here at my favorite place to eat on campus, with Photoshop and BBEdit open, coding and designing while watching the RIT campus pass me by.

    So does this count as spec work? :0 :) ;)

  2. Deadline has changed, but please do not sit in that one spot for the next week.

    Technically, yes it does count as spec work. But luckily you have someone (me) that takes intellectual property seriously. The winning entry will be “bought” by me through the 50$ US gift certificate. The rest will receive heartfelt thanks and I will not use their designs unless I pay them for the privilege.

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