Redesign Content Redesign

I got a good question today: How do I show you what I made?

My first preference is to get a URL from you and be able to see and interact with the work you have created. My second preference is to receive a compressed file (Mac compatible please) via email with everything you created.

Also, because I took so long to answer questions, and because my redesign is not “mission-critical” I am going to extend the contest deadline by one week. I know some of you have been working to meet the January 30 deadline, but my slowness shouldn’t be a factor in this situation.

Realize this is something that most clients do and they still want you to meet the artificial deadline that was set before they even hired you. ;)

No extra points for finishing my the 30th, but you also don’t have to wait until the new deadline (Feb 6) to submit your work.

Thanks to all who are working on this. Looks like we will have 6 entries.

6 replies on “Redesign Content Redesign”

  1. I was just planning on compressing the entire thing with BZip2, then breaking that file into 500 byte chunks, writing those characters onto an A4 size piece of paper, and snail-mailing each one to you at your old mailing address in Alaska.

  2. Yeah, you’re helpful. Then my parents would sit on it until they clipped enough newspaper articles and Dilbert comics to make it worthwhile to forward to me.

    And you want me to hire you because why now? ;P

  3. Oh, I know. In fact, I thought about emailing my entry at 11:59 pm, but thought that would in no way ingratiate myself toward the fine judge of this contest.

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