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— 9 February 2004 —

Design Contest Winner!

And the winner is… Nicole Swan! We started with 6 interested parties, and ended with 4 submissions. Pretty good considering I didn’t publicize this at all outside of this site.

Nicole’s entry “grabbed” me the most, and I did say that this was mostly about a new look and feel. The other part of the contest opportunity I mentioned was that I was looking for good requirements gathering. This played into my decision as well, though everyone did a good job at asking questions. Oddly, no one asked the same questions… at all.

This was fun enough that I will be doing it on a yearly basis. Next year I will take what I learned from this experience and try to make the contest better for everyone. With some planning (didn’t have any this time:) I think we can swing some more notice (in time and places), as well as add to the prize list.

So, Nicole… congrats on winning 50$ US to spend at Amazon (hopefully on a usability book), and my thanks to those who submitted.

I’ll be working over the next week or so to get the new design up and running. And I will be leading the launch off with a new post that is actually about usability! Imagine that…

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