Design Contest Winner!

And the winner is… Nicole Swan! We started with 6 interested parties, and ended with 4 submissions. Pretty good considering I didn’t publicize this at all outside of this site.

Nicole’s entry “grabbed” me the most, and I did say that this was mostly about a new look and feel. The other part of the contest opportunity I mentioned was that I was looking for good requirements gathering. This played into my decision as well, though everyone did a good job at asking questions. Oddly, no one asked the same questions… at all.

This was fun enough that I will be doing it on a yearly basis. Next year I will take what I learned from this experience and try to make the contest better for everyone. With some planning (didn’t have any this time:) I think we can swing some more notice (in time and places), as well as add to the prize list.

So, Nicole… congrats on winning 50$ US to spend at Amazon (hopefully on a usability book), and my thanks to those who submitted.

I’ll be working over the next week or so to get the new design up and running. And I will be leading the launch off with a new post that is actually about usability! Imagine that…


  1. Can we see all the entries?

    Actually, with Jarrod linking his you have access to the two entries that are readily available online. The other two entries were screen shots, and are not available to show.

    But, on the plus side I now know what my house will look like for the next year.:)

  2. Thanks everyone for the kind sentiments. I had fun learning more about usability and applying what I learned.

    Now if I would just take the time to apply the learning to my own site. :)

  3. Just one thing… fix the leading in between the links on the right. They’re all kinda jumbled up over there. But otherwise, nice!

  4. I am actually in the process of updating the site right now. Which consists of merging Nicole’s code woth Typepad’s code.

    It’s just taking some tweaking, but thatnks for the feedback.

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