New Design

Well, I had to fanagle the code some between Nicole‘s code and Typepad’s code, but the new design is up and running. I still have work to do on the about page, archives, photos… etc.

And then to get back to providing actual content. :)

Please add any comments on the particulars of the design in this post. Mike, I changed the leading… better?

Update: I ran out of time yesterday, so I’ll just say that the site is in Unit testing this week. All the things that aren’t working right are just bugs, not defects. :) So please keep ’em coming.

4 replies on “New Design”

  1. This might be intentional, but it looks a bit strange in Firebird (prev version to Firefox 0.8 I think) — your right hand menu bar is over on the right, with the content on the left and a big gap in the middle at 1024×768.

    I think it’s a very pretty design though :-)

  2. Good use of terminology. I can’t have people thinking my design has these “defects.” ;) Also, I see the same problem as Meri. Plus, everything seems to be in a frameset. Hmmm…

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