Alaska Bound

I know, I know… The title (and point) of this blog is Alaska Unbound. But, as my parents still live up there and they haven’t seen my 3-year-old daughter in two years, I think it is time for a visit. Well, not right now, but in the summer. Probably June or August.

I am looking forward to the trip somewhat. Sorta. Okay, I am looking forward to aspects of the trip. I would like to get an Americano at Kaladi. I’d really like to go kayaking but that might not be possible. At the very least I can rent a canoe (or possibly kayak if they have them) from my University and take my daughter out on the lake nearby.

But everything else…? I just don’t know. I have been very out of sorts lately. Worse off than I usually am at this point in the winter. An idea my wife had was for me to take a 3 week vacation and for them to only stay 1 week. Then I would spend 2 weeks just tooling around (somehow since I don’t have a vehicle up there) then come back. I almost immediately came up with a better idea.

Buy a motorcycle and drive it back to Illinois. Now that would be a good vacation. Alone, on a bike, cruising at my own chosen speed. I have a tent and a sleeping bag. I have a stove and cooking gear. I have rain gear. All I need is a bike.

Do you have one? Ideally I’d like to get a BMW, specifically this one. I’d like to buy one, but it would be even nicer if someone would just give me one. :) I’d put a permanent link to your business or personal page from my page (heck from all my public sites) and would be willing to turn the trip into some sort of marketing event to support your business or public works effort. I’m open.

Drop me a line if you are interested. On an unrelated note, I am also still seeking authors for this site. Click that mailto link if you are interested in writing about being an Alaskan expatriate. I really hope to turn the collection of essays into a book, so hopefully that is something to tempt you.