The Simpsons and The Oliphants

Last night, for two hours, I was Krusty the Clown.


Sagan was “Kid.” She seemed to really enjoy this interaction which makes me happy and worried at the same time. Do we watch too much Simpsons? Is it bad that Futurama is her favorite thing to watch?

This morning, as Sagan was waking up and I was getting dressed she called out, “Hey, Homer?” I answered, “Yes, Lisa?” She asked what I was doing and wondered where Marge went. “Marge is downstairs.”

Of all things on television, I think that The Simpsons is something all children should watch. It is at once a reflection of ourselves as we wish to be and we wish we were better than. I know Sagan laughs hardest when Homer falls, but she also seems to identify with Lisa, and of all the young, girl role-models on TV these days (granted there aren’t many) I think Lisa is a very good choice. She’s vegetarian, liberal, fair minded, well-read, politically active and still enjoys a healthy dose mindlessness now and again.

So, we’ll see. Sagan? Are you going to rebel against this and be more like Amy on Futurama? G’uh! I hope not!