— 24 March 2004 —

GUI-style Drag and Drop

Check out Canon’s digital camera comparison page. I haven’t seen drag and drop used in this way (for commercial purposes) on but 2 other sites before. Yes, it is Flash, but they use it in a smooth, simple, and useful way that supports an interaction that (many) people understand.

And just in case people don’t understand, watch the page load as Canon has built in some just-in-time training.

I’d still like to see more integration in the camera information section… What if you have no idea what a “Stitch Assist” exposure mode is?

By the way, I have no idea what a “Stitch Assist” exposure mode is.

And as an end note, I don’t go out looking for Web-based drag and drop so there probably are more than 3 sites that use it. Let me know if you’ve seen other examples.

Update: Here’s Macromedia’s Rich Internet Application Flash examples page. Some interesting examples. I don’t get the opportunity to use Flash as an interface option, so frankly I don’t pay much attention to it. Are you developing Web applications and taking advantage of Flash? Upsides? Downsides? How about using it for an MCLB?

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