GUI-style Drag and Drop

Check out Canon’s digital camera comparison page. I haven’t seen drag and drop used in this way (for commercial purposes) on but 2 other sites before. Yes, it is Flash, but they use it in a smooth, simple, and useful way that supports an interaction that (many) people understand.

And just in case people don’t understand, watch the page load as Canon has built in some just-in-time training.

I’d still like to see more integration in the camera information section… What if you have no idea what a “Stitch Assist” exposure mode is?

By the way, I have no idea what a “Stitch Assist” exposure mode is.

And as an end note, I don’t go out looking for Web-based drag and drop so there probably are more than 3 sites that use it. Let me know if you’ve seen other examples.

Update: Here’s Macromedia’s Rich Internet Application Flash examples page. Some interesting examples. I don’t get the opportunity to use Flash as an interface option, so frankly I don’t pay much attention to it. Are you developing Web applications and taking advantage of Flash? Upsides? Downsides? How about using it for an MCLB?


  1. Moen’s “Design your own kitchen” configurator app is interesting. It allows users design in context, selecting different faucet, cabinet, walls, windowframe. You can, for example, set up your current general kitchen colors, and see how selections would look. The menuing system mixes icons and text, saving what could have been a bad idea. The consideration of shopping psychology is rare and, because of this, interesting.

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