Human Factors Position

My company is hiring for a Human Factors Analyst. Here’s a brief low down, or you can check out the Monster posting.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. or MS degree in Human Factors, Cognitive Psychology, or Experimental Psychology, with a specialty in computer software user interface design.

Background in creating metrics is also helpful.

Preferred candidates will have a minimum of 5 years practitioners experience in User Interface/Interaction design for web or interactive medium.

Must provide portfolio of relevant work examples and products.

I can try to answer any questions you might have.


  1. Geez, with a PhD I’d expect to be getting paid at least six figs… let’s hope that’s what State Farm has in mind or else if I was looking for a job (and had a PhD), I’d look elsewhere.

    This Human Factors Analyst, what are they in relation to your job?

  2. HF people work primarily on strategic activities that support user-centered design. They also put together workshops for further enlightenment to us cogs.

    In my view, they are sort of the academic side, while we are the practitioner side. That is a broad generalization, but it the closest analogy.

    Basically they sit in high-back chairs, wear smoking jackets and pontificate on topics that usually don’t seem to be very relevant to what we, as practitioners, actually need.

    Okay, okay… They don’t wear smoking jackets and only some of them have high-back chairs.

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