Sleeping with Death, Delirium and a bear to be named later

Sleeping Sagan

She’s been asleep for 2 hours now. I should wake her up so she will be able to go to sleep at bed time. But you gotta figure that a girl just needs her sleep when the lights are on, iTunes is playing loud random music (skacore then Nat King Cole), and her dad coughing loudly.

Plus she’s just so dang-diddledy-darn cute (now playing: Pink Floyd).

She’s been sick this past week. And I have it now. This was also the last week of school for her. We are pulling her out because we just need the money elsewhere right now. Plus we are not totally happy with her current school. Especially not in comparison with Blooming Grove. So we will save a bit of money (hopefully) to get her in next fall.

Sagan has been a good bug lately. Two girls (teenagers?) came here yesterday. They were locked out of their car and needed the phone. Sagan was talking up a storm and one of the girls said, “She’s so smart!” Which was strange because Sagan wasn’t doing anything particularly special.

I suppose when you live with genius, you tend to become used to it (now playing: Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa – Zimpala Remix, which is Indian techno/traditional mix).