New School!

Sagan started her new school today. She gets her own locker (the building used to be Bloomington Junior High), and is in the room with the “castle.” They have a ‘second story’ of sorts built in the room with stairs up and plexiglass walls so the kids can see and be seen.

Her teacher seems nice, I think her name is Tracey (it’s Tammy), but I am bad at names.

Sagan was very excited to be there, but ran up against room tradition of waiting on the play-area carpet until all the kids arrive for the morning. She wanted to explore the room, which I understand. Tracey did a good job of corralling Sagan without telling her “no.”

I hope she likes it there. Claire will pay the tuition for this month at the end of the month. They didn’t seem to have too much of a problem with that. Especially since we filled up the class for them.

[blatant pandering]
If you would like to help sponsor Sagan’s school, we can make sure you get a picture of Sagan holding your product or service. Maybe we could put stickers all over her backpack, just like the race cars, cyclists, and horses.
[/blatant pandering]