I shut down this version

I shut down this version of usabilityworks last summer when I made the move to Typepad. I made that move because I wanted to open comments, and Blogger didn’t have it at the time. Yes, I could have moved to BloggerPro, but at the time I felt like opening comments BloggerPro wasn’t available. Then the Google purchase of Pyra happened. Now we are here.

In part to play around with the new interface, I decided to open this blog back up, but I am repurposing the site. If you want to discuss usability, design, and business from a practitioner’s point-of-view, I will still be publishing at usabilityworks.org. I made a conscious decision when I moved to Typepad to only write about usability, et al., and have stuck to that for the most part.

I will use this site to publish about all the things that interest me not related to usability, design, and business from a practitioners point-of-view. I’ll get an easier to type domain name in the next couple of days.

On the chosen design: I chose one of the templates that Zeldman designed because I like the typography and the contrast, as well as the use of white space. I shied away from the other designs because of contrast issues (readability) and much of the white space was disturbed by using dashed lines and odd background colors. Some of them are still cool, but that whole usability thing still creeps into every decision I make. I am a usability geek.

So, without further ado, adieu for now.

Minor update: I did change Zeldman’s template in one part; I upped the contrast of the links for the default and visited classes. The color of the original just didn’t stand out enough in the sea of plain text. Apologies to Zeldman, just a preference thing for me. Like everytime I visit zeldman.com I make my first stop the “contrast-o-meter” so I can read the damnable site.