— 14 May 2004 —

BusinessLogs: Business Better Than Usual

Well, Mike and Paul have commented on the new state of being we are entering into together. My turn.

Whether you work in a nuclear pharmaceutical research lab, or a law firm, or manage a department of sales reps numbering over 2000, communication is the foundation upon which all other operations function. The sharing of information is so important that some companies are starting to realize that their core business isn’t insurance or financial services, but data, information, and business intelligence.

BusinessLogs will work to empower businesses and organizations (I’m looking at you non-profits!) to use the blog medium. From the examples above they could track current research between labs in Oregon and California, blog high-profile trials so all associates are up-to-date on talking points for the media, and keep track of best practices for selling the latest products and services.

Mike and Paul are brilliant partners and I am very excited about working with them on this. They are both heavily involved with the Web and blogs.

Paul started White Space, CSS Vault, and Forever Geek. The latter two sites have become extremely popular in a short time and have created sense of community enough that the sites essentially run themselves. Paul is also managing editor at Digital Web Magazine.

Mike runs Phark.net which is his well-read personal blog. He was mentioned today on Zeldman for his Accessible Image Replacement technique using CSS. Mike is also designer and editor on another online magazine which I am not supposed to link to (yet) as they are soon about to come online. (Psst! It’s all about accessibility. Shh, don’t tell anyone, except the next three people you meet.)

And what do I bring to the mix? Well, you can check out my resume, but here are some other skills which I will tap to make BusinessLogs successful…

Strategic visioning to help companies imagine what they can do with a blog. Communication and negotiation skills. a background in risk and opportunity analysis. And of course usability. Understanding the human impact of change is essential to understanding how blogs can build a better relationship between businesses, organization, and customers. All relationships should be useful, usable, and satisfying.

The closer the relationship a company can build with its customer, the more likely the customer is to think they are a part of the company. That is an important understanding that only a few companies truly have. It is an understanding that BusinessLogs will help its clients integrate into their own state of being.

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