I Miss Mountains

I grew up in Alaska. Now I live in Central Illinois, about 130 miles southwest of Chicago.

There are no mountains here. There is no water to speak of. I’ve been missing it enough lately, and have no hope of visiting soon, that I decided a site redesign was in order. My thanks to Nicole Swan for the previous design.

So, now I have mountains and water in which to play around. I still need to do some tweaking. Partly because it takes a bit of it to get the Typepad code to work with everything I did differently. I also haven’t fixed the comments view of each post, and I haven’t yet looked at the site in any other browser than IE for XP.

Comments are welcome. I will be making changes over the next few days to make it work in the major browsers and add some je ne c’est pas.

And, for the first time I have a blogroll of sorts at the bottom of the page. Don’t ask me to link to you, don’t be surprised if your link goes missing. I plan to keep at least some of those links fresh by finding quality sites in the related categories.

Lastly, the Google ads are gone (for now). They just aren’t generating any revenue and I always felt bad about having them in the first place. My impetus for placing them was to generate enough income to pay for this site’s maintenance. If it really went well, my plan was to use the money to fund some usability studies. But I have my hands full enough as it is. The Amazon links will remain as I believe in the value of all the books on my “must read” list.

Again, feel free to comment as I go through the refinement process.