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— 24 May 2004 —

Slight Repurposing

Of late, I have been feeling a tad spread thin. By tad, I mean very much so.

I have 7 blogs. I am in the process of writing 3 books. I have a “day job” and I am starting Business Logs. I have a 3-year-old. I am going back to being an editor for User Experience Magazine after 4 months off. There’s more of course, as with anyone’s life, but it is all just swimming in my head even after just typing some of it out.

So I am going to repurpose this site a bit. I am going to combine it with my personal blog again. That’s how this place started, and I think it needs to go there again. For the past almost-year I have really avoided posting anything personal on this site. Usability, usability, usability. Which is why I sometimes go so long without posting here. There’s a lot that can be written about usability (obviously, look to the right), but sometimes I don’t want to write about it. Sometimes I want to write about how my car is driving me crazy, or how I would rather be kayaking than working (who wouldn’t?).

I will still write about usability and design. The name on the title bar will stay the same, there will just be more “Matthew” from now on. As was just pointed out to me while writing the last sentence, “people just don’t understand you, man.” Hopefully, with a little more “Matthew” people will “get me” more.

So, with that little change in pace I guess this is my first personal post.

Hi, my name is Matthew and welcome to my site.

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