Matthew 33, Bus 0

Another year has passed for me.

Some of my coworkers brought food in to not celebrate my birthday yesterday. It was a day early because many people take Friday’s off at my work. It was nice, but I told them I do not like to celebrate my birthday. Which they took as all the more reason to do it. Officially the reason was to celebrate getting our bonuses. And that is a good reason to celebrate.

I haven’t liked celebrating my birthday for many a year. To me, birthday’s have come to be a time for inner reflection. Alone, without much noise, and hopefully without work. Well, I have to be at work today, there will be much noise because I will be at work and I have a 3-year-old. And that alone thing probably just won’t happen. Except for the time I have right now.

So let’s reflect. There have been many changes.

I lost two friends for reasons too personal (and fresh) to go into here. I almost lost another friend, but I am working on keeping that. My daughter started school, and she gets more amazing all the time. But I sense a building worry about life in her and I am afraid that comes from me.

I was sick a lot; more than usual. I think sitting in front of a computer, in a cubicle for 5 years now is having some affect on me. Good thing where I work is very, very big. I get walking exercise just getting from one meeting to the next.

I started teaching myself Japanese. It’s going slowly and at some point I am going to need a class or something. Especially if I want to learn how to write it. As an aside, Clueless in Tokyo is a great book, and is fun for kids to look at. It just happened to be next to me, under one of Sagan’s shoes.

My sister graduated with a doctorate in pharmacy and is working her dream job in nuclear (that’s noo-cue-ler) pharmacy. She is awesome! And she got married, and just bought a new house. I am very proud of her.

I have done less and less design and usability work and more and more risk management. I’ll probably post a bit about that in the coming months. I feel a little strange about not focusing on my primary job, but I am being asked to look more closely at risk management so, like a good little cog, I comply. It’s just the type of thing that requires a systems thinker, and that’s me! I think being away from design is also part of what led me to redesign this site (which I am still working on).

I think birthday’s should replace New Year’s Eve as a time for resolutions. It is your day after all. Better to tie aspirations to something that is about you rather than an evening that is about anything but you. So, what are my 33rd year resolutions?

  1. Work to make Business Logs a success.
  2. Look for a new job in the design/usability or risk management world.
  3. Cultivate some new friends.
  4. Strengthen the friendships I have.
  5. Let go of some old friends.
  6. Be a better father to Sagan.

That’s enough for one year I think.

If today is your birthday too, then happy birthday. If your birthday was yesterday, get crackin’ on those resolutions.


  1. Happy belated Birthday Matthew, happy times and good health to you and your family for years to come :)

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