Thar’s Gmail in Them Thar Bandwagon

There are so many Gmail invites floating around of late that the people giving them away have stopped trying to make it fun and just give them out to the first seven people who post comments.

Seeing as I really, really want to be an evil genius someday, I still want to make people work a little to get the Gmail invites I have. I am just going to give them out one at a time and the hoop to jump through for this one is:

If you have honestly used a t-test in a non-school, usability situation in the past 3 years, it is yours.

The next post will be about different usability-related data testing methods, so I am trying to be timely and poignant as well as evil.

As an aside, Gmail is sorta of cool. Some aspects are nice, others are odd, and yet others are just downrightugly. But all these invites are just one big beta/performance/stress test simulation anyway, so who cares!