Professional Enrichment and You

Anyone a member of the Design Management Institute?

I’d like to hear from someone who is a member on the benefits of membership. The Web site is all well and good, and filled with much information, but they are selling a product just like other member organizations, and it would be nice to understand the value of DMI from the perspective of someone who has been involved on a personal level.

Actually, this brings up a thought: What professional organizations are you involved in, and do you see continued value if you have been in that organization for a while? I am a member of UPA. I have been a member of STC. Recently I let my membership in CHI lapse. There’s also the up-and-coming IxD of which I have lurking involvement right now.

I remain in UPA because I feel it is a valuable organization. But I also feel, having been to a couple of conferences, that it is oriented toward new usabilityers. There are some issues tackled for those of us who are not newbies, but overall I find the stimulation a bit on the under side.

STC just isn’t up my alley anymore. Web design is still somewhat a technical communication, but I am not a tech writer anymore, and STC is really a group for tech writers/editors.

I let my CHI membership lapse because it is more than I am willing to pay out of pocket, and there are other people in my area that are members, so I still get to read the publications when I have time. I have noticed that CHI is becoming a little more practitioner-based, as opposed to the academic atmosphere that seemed so prevalent only a couple of years ago. Anyone who went to the CHI conference this year want to chime in on that?

There are many other organizations: AIGA, ASIS&T, ISDA, HFES, SIGGRAPH.

So… to which of these listed (or unlisted) do you belong and why?