— 2 June 2004 —

Dumb-asses and the People Who do Their Work for Them

[Warning: self-deprecation in a non-humorous style approacheth.]

Sometimes I wonder why I try at all. I have been working for almost a year on an effort that was desired but unfunded. I’d meet with people at all levels of management, explain the vision and at least part of the plan for attaining that vision and would hear, “Wonderful. Keep up the good work. I am sorry I can’t fund that effort, it’s just bigger than my area.”

And that’s what you get when something is inherent in the system: no one aspect of the system wants to lay claim to responsibility, and even if it does, goes about it in a myopic way. Silos, turf wars, duchies, call them what you will… it comes down to people misunderstanding the difference between ownership and responsibility. Yes, perhaps no one area can own it, but I am laying out a map of responsibility; that’s different.

And it is especially painful that all my work is being taken over (and will most likely be misunderstood – myopia again) by someone who has been a constant in-front-of- and behind-the-scenes detractor of my work and the work of those I have been leading.

Today is not the best day, but I am trying to keep in mind my mantra:

Look for the opportunity.
Look for the opportunity.
Look for the opportunity.
Look for the opportunity.

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