Quality is as Quality Does


There is a Usability community on Orkut, and someone posted a query this week of, “Do you think Orkut is usable?” Obviously a subjective question, and one asked to stimulate some discussion. [Aside: I think it is interesting that there are about 4-5 communities related to HCI in some respect, but hardly is there ever discussion.]

So the above image is my subjective answer to the subjective question, though I think I have pretty good grounds on raising a usability issue. I have been receiving this error more and more (on different platforms, too).

So after all the buzz about Orkut, and the “by invitation only” communities, I stand by my initial assessment of: Meh.

[Update]: It gets better and better.


[Update 2]: Hey, Orkut! Thanks for letting us know you built your site’s infrastructure incorrectly the first time. Here’s hoping you get it right the second go-round. I promise to stay beautiful.


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