Conferences Don’t Run on Attendees Alone

One of the things that goes on at a conference that usually goes unseen by the averages attendee is the fact that there are people hired and who volunteer to organize and run things. You feel the effects of their involvement of course. You get your conference materials, find your way around, and get to see the big sign that gives a shout out to the sponsors of the conference (I’ll post an image when it goes up. Right now it is sitting rolled up on a table near me.).

So, in the shout out vein, big ups go to:

The picture below features (left to right) Pam, Alan, Libby, and Mary Pat.


I was helping out some as I have time to spare. Stuffing computer bags full of conference materials. Yup, we get a nice leather (unfortunately) computer case to carry stuff around in. I’ll be using my own bag so I can spot it in the see of black leather and UPA logos.

Ah, the conference sponsor banners are up!


Oh, my name isn’t up there.:) Nice ladder though. And now lunch is here. They offered to get me lunch for helping out, and since I don’t have any plans or money… why not?

Dawn, I tried to steal your box lunch tickets but they wouldn’t let me. :)