Getting There is Half the Battle

Currently listening to “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes. Sometimes I wish I was a rock star. If I was, then I would trash this room. Not that I really blame the hotel. No it is entirely my fault; I have no money to pay for the room.

Yup, in all the commotion trying to prepare for the trip, and organizing some of the other people who are also coming from my company, I forgot to get a check cut to pay for my stay. Je suis l’idiot!

So there I was at the front desk after 16.5 hours of travel (I took the train). I had a headache for about 7 hours straight, I was listing to one side, and I could still feel myself rocking to the motions of the train. I had a credit card to reserve the room, but it doesn’t have enough room to pay for the week. The hotel tries to put the total of your stay on the card, which I still don’t understand from a customer point of view. So I negotiated to be able to stay the night. I just have to give them a valid card sometime today.

So, yes they were nice within their rules. But I tell ya what, I have no idea what I am going to do. I have options of course, but none of them start until the other people from my company get here.

And to top it all off, I have no Internet access. Well, I could for 10.65$US a day. No wait, not a day… from noon to noon. So if I started now I would pay 10.65$ for 1.5 hours of service. I think I can wait that long. I will pay for it of course. I need to be able to update you on the happenings from day to day. Just in case someone comments on a post, I can follow up at most by the next day. It simply wouldn’t do to be posting postconferncely.

And because I have a digital camera, bought specifically for this conference, here’s my rom with a view. The room I won’t be trashing. :)


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