In Search of Good Quote

In building the Business Logs site, we of course added an about us page.

My cohorts both have quotes listed under their bios, and I think I need one too. Problem is I can’t think about anything anyone has said to me. Well, I can… It’s just not stuff I would want to put on my business site. Here’s everything I can honestly think of:

  • “Matthew, you challenge me to be a better manager.” – Phil, my current boss. He meant it in a 98% good way.
  • “Matthew Oliphant blew the lid off the field of online usability today.” – Jarrod, on one of my past posts.
  • “Can’t say I see *any* issue with your people skills. You are charming!” – Eileen on my apparent ability to hide my introvertedness (it’s a word now).
  • “You’re not a number; a number implies uniqueness.” – David, the guy who sits next to me at work.
  • “Best defensive player in the state.” – An opposing coach back when I played soccer (20 years ago!).
  • “You write good.” – Pretty much everyone who has read my writing. Of course I correct them by saying, “No… I write well.”

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. So, in the vein of searching for good quote, can you help me out? What do you think about me? This is not a cry for ego petting. I just tend to take the nice things people say about me and think to myself, “I was just doing what I normally do. Nothing special about that.”

If this post doesn’t generate any comments, oh well. :) I’ll just make something up.

“Matthew Oliphant saved all the kids from a burning orphanage and also found parents for each and every one of them while taking a break from his lecturing duties an MIT today.”

Yeah, maybe I’ll just go with that…