Task Analysis Tune Up

This was the first presentation that I actually found not worth my time. Which in one sense is a good thing because it means I have found most to be worth while.

The presentation, by Paul McInerney of IBM Canada, was listed at being for Experienced Practitioners, but should have been rated for “everyone.” The room was packed and there was an overall feeling of disappointment (my assessment). Not necessarily in the presenter, just in perceived value.

It was an overview of the different formats of task analysis with commentary on the benefits and detractions of each. He listed five formats for task analysis:

  • Hierarchical
  • Sequential
  • Attributes
  • Case (holistic detail, based on a particular person, environment, or scenario, etc.)
  • user-system interaction (function allocation table)

One thing I don’t think the people who questioned him understood, is that these are just formats for representing the core data different ways depending on the level of detail needed and the audience which would be needing the data.

Anyway, slight disappointment, so I’ll just leave it at that.