Home is Where Your Posts Are

Last night I finally ported over all 105 outstanding posts from my Blogger days. Went through and assigned each one a category. Had to create a couple of new categories because back then I wasn’t keeping things related only to usability. When I moved to Typepad, I decided to keep things 98% usability-related.

When Blogger reopened under the Google banner (redesign and all) I thought I would open up my old blog for personal-related items. But I just never think about posting there. And I often pass up posting about something here because it is not usability-related.

So now this is totally a “me” site, especially now that there are 105 extra posts, most of them in the personal and politics categories. I began this transition a few weeks ago and now it is essentially finished.

I still post on WebWord, which fills my need for the short posts that require little comment, and Political State Report, which fills the policitcal commentary need.

I am still spread out, but I feel a little more tidy (best word I can think of) in my online life.