PWR Idea #3786

I am looking at a Uniball FUSION pen. And it is really strange. The casing is shades of gray, except the part that has the ink in it; that part is clear. The ink is also clear. Yup, no color. So I thought, okay here’s a gray pen. Does it supply gray ink? Nope. It’s blue ink.

When I design Web apps, I start with pen and paper. Actually, I use whatever writing implement and whatever portable surface I can find. I draw and draw. Sometimes I use different pens, but usually it’s just one.

So again I am looking at this pen and because I live in a Web world I was trying to figure out what hex value the colors on the pen were. Then I thought about those pens that have 4 pens in one. Usually a red, blue, green, and black. But you can only use one at a time (unless you remove the casing and then you are drawing in 3D!).

So here’s my wouldn’t it be great if… Wouldn’t it be great if a pen could be set with a hex value (or RBG, or whatever you are used to working with), and the red, green, and blue inks would combine to give you the exact color you need. Of course it could be clear ink (which I still don’t get) and a device could act to create the right color.

I dunno. I just think it would be cool. Remember, not all ideas suck forever.